Why experience a Healing Meditation

Our healing meditations or Satsangs (Satsang is a word from the ancient language ,Sanskrit, meaning company of truth seekers) are a unique style of guided meditation to help you let go of the busyness, stress and frustration in your life allowing you to to be happier and more fulfilled.

Our meditation is different to most. If you have ever felt you just couldn’t meditate, but always wanted the benefit of meditation then this could be for you! It’s slightly more active, by active we focus on chant, music, visualisation while working with the chakras (energy centres) and the breath. Working on both a conscious and sub conscious level.

Using this style we find most people are able to reach a deep state of meditation faster and easier.

This style of meditation is ideal for busy western mind.  A common experience found it is much easier to feel a sense of a quite mind and deeper sense of peace. Allowing the natural state of peacefulness that is inside of us to move more to forward in our conscious.

This style has benefits and is suitable beginners to advanced.

I recently attended Meditation at Unity House Byron. I immediately felt at ease in the beautiful, fulfilled and friendly atmosphere. The teachers were lovely, down to earth and delivered a heartfelt powerful energetic healing through music, meditation and chanting. I left feeling full of joy, gratitude and spiritual nourishment..thank you!

Sharon NSW

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